Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Panel 5.Page 5. Hole in...

It had been a hard half week so I didn't have much time to work on the Hole in the earth project. Although I've just finished the 5th page. Now, that I'm looking at this panel I think I'll need to re-work a bit on the lines. It seems too flat. And this is funny. Funny because I've always liked "clear line" ( at least this is how we call it in Spain), the French line or European line is when there is not any black on the page and the line is clean with no intention to give volume to the drawing. But as soon as I do something in this way, zas!!! my eyes are telling me that something is not working.

But  hopefully the only thing that is not really working are my eyes. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Color page

I think this Blog started to become a bit boring, all the time in B/W, so let's give some colourful stuff to it. This page belongs to Blackstone Chronicles issue 2.  When I finished this page I felt so good. I think this is one of my favourite pieces of all time.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Small panel

I'm working again on the final issue of John Saul's The Blackstone Chronicles. At the moment the script hasn't finished yet so I'm drawing the pages as soon as  Patrick McCray, the writer, is sending me the pages. If you ask me it isn't  the best way to work. But sometimes shit happens and Patrick has been quite busy in he last year. But looks like we are getting close to the end of it.

I just can't wait..

This panel ( page 11 ) is not really finished. The thing is that when I'm doing these pages I'm thinking always in color so most of the times some of the panels look a bit empty. Until I color them...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hole in the earth. Trailer preview

This is the preview of the promotional trailer for the Hole in the earth project. As I said before I'm planning to run a fundraising campaign in Indiego-go to try to raise some money to make this project real.

The video has been made with a mix of drawings -that probably you've seen already on the pages that I've been posting- and some sketches that I made only for this.

I posted the video straight on the blog. At this moment I didn't want to post it on Youtube or similar sites because I still need to change the soundtrack (for this video I used the song "Hole in the earth" by Deftones). So the quality is just good enough to see it in small screen. If you want to see it full screen it's not going to work well (quality isn't good enough )

Enjoy it.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Page sketch

Well, this is not actually a page. I made these sketches for a small promotional video of the Hole in the eatrh project.

The thing is that I really like it even as a page. Sketches are always something more alive than the finished page with all the ink...at least if I take a look on my own pages. Sometimes I have the feeling that they are still a bit rigid.

Friday, 17 February 2012


Today I've been working on these "polaroids". They belong to the "Hole in the Earth" project. I will use them ( these ones and the new ones) for two things. The first one will be a Pin-Up of one of the characters. The second ( but probably I will do this one first ) will be something like a trailer (like in the cinemas) of the comic book.

 I decided to try to launch an  Indiegogo campaign to see if I will be able to raise some money to finish and publish this project.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

A hole in the earth. Pag 2

Ooooooook, page 2. In this page there is a panel that I love and a panel that I hate. I guess it is not too difficult to see which is the one that I hate.

At this point I'm not sure if I leave the white frames or I will change them for black ones. Or something in between .

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Hole in the earth.Pag 1

And here is the page 1 of the "Hole in the earth". I moved some of the panels of the old version to page 2 to let the story breath a bit and to give a bit of rhythm to the page.

In the last days I've been listening my old albums of System of a Down and I thought that it would be cool to try to do the same as they did in the music but in a comic book.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sleeping with Kody Chamberlain

In the last month I've been working slowly, really slowly when I invested some time in a personal project "A hole in the earth". I posted only few drawings and some panels.

At this moment I have almost 4 pages (yeah!) but I don't want to post all of them cos , well , let's say that the script is still coming up meanwhile I'm drawing.

Here is the first page but it is not the final one.

This is the original way that the page had been planned with big jumps between each panel. Probably you can notice even without the dialogues.

I wanted to do only 4 panels per page but meanwhile I was drawing I thought I was going to lose lots of fun, so I decided to be a bit more dynamic and let the story breath. So this page will look a bit different.

Other thing that I've decided is to use halftone patterns instead the grey that I used most of the times .
In the last months I've been kind of addicted to  Kody Chamberlain's blog (where if you like comic books and their creative process you will feel like in heaven)  and work.

I like the way that Chamberlain is using the halftones and I thought it would be just fucking great for this project .He has some halftone patterns for Photoshop on his blog that you can download.

So now, I'm going to check Chamberlain's blog to see if I can get more ideas.


Last week I was working on my first infographic. It was just a test for a company to show up my skills that means to show if I'm the right person for the job.

 If you don't know what is an infographic you are at the same point as me last week. As you know, an image worth 1.000 words so better you check out some really cool stuff  on Dailyinfographic and find out for yourself.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

In this panel i made a silly mistake that i need to fix. If you pay attention to the glass door reflexion of the guy with the gas mask, the reflexion is looking to the wrong side.

I 'm afraid i will need to stop smoking crack.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"A hole in the earth" is a personal project. Im still working in the last issue of "The Blackstone Chronicles" but i decided to start to work in something else.

There is not much of a script yet, but i started to work already in some of the panels. Even if i have hundreds of notes i don't think that if i put them all together they will look like a script. But i know what is going on (more or less)

Im planing to do just 1 panel a day (hard worker, innit?) and there will be only 4 panels per page.

I will draw at the same time that i'm writing or i will write at the same time that i'm drawing.

The same will happen with the characters, i will draw them when i need them to be on "screen"

For example , this to fellas....

I hate to develope characters, i really do.

I needed this two to appear on the 2 panel so i made this quickly to have a reference of them ( the girl is not really important in the script so  i thought it wouldn't be necesary to work to hard on her... When i draw her in the panel i already change the color of his hair)

This fella on the top will be more important on the story so it will have a better and proper development. But anyway, talking about this drawing is days that is better to leave the pencils on the side. I'm not really happy with him.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Half sleeping

Few weeks ago i was in bed trying to sleep...sometimes, when i can't sleep i make movies in my head (no, no THAT kind of movies) until i get tired and i felt sleep. That night this image came to my mind.

And it get kind of stuck over there.

For long time ( is been almost 6 months) i been trying to work in something that i really enjoyed...but i came up always trying to create something from zero, thinking about what someone else (mainly publishers ) will like.

I started and give up at least 4 times in this 6 months . Maybe is something wrong with me. Or maybe it was just that i was looking to the wrong side.

In the last two weeks i been thinking , writing and , for the first time in years, planing, about and around the that picture.

And i got the silliest idea ever.

But i like it . I like it a lot

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I dont  know from were , Matt (Garvey) found the way to contact Pat Mills (yes, THE man) and ask him for some feedback about our baby (Infraction). Here is what he had to say about it:

"Hi, Matt,

It's a certain "2000AD style",  with elements of Blade Runner,   Brett Ewins/Brendan McCarthy - at a certain point in their career.  Not sure how if that's what they're looking for now.  Fashions change. Not sure. 

So 2000AD might be a place to try.  The hero could be visually more powerful.  He's freaky, but is he iconic.   I'd say no.  Maybe if you had an extremely  iconic title page of him as a page one , that could help its appeal to 2000AD and if the story could be wrapped inside a certain number of pages.

Outside 2000AD it would be tough to find a book publisher, I fear

Good luck!

Pat "

So we decided to make a new cover (first one was quiet ugly) and a new pag 1, to try to make the thing more "iconic". I'm not hundred percent happy with the page, but at that moment i needed to make a effort to find time for it.