Saturday, 4 February 2012

I dont  know from were , Matt (Garvey) found the way to contact Pat Mills (yes, THE man) and ask him for some feedback about our baby (Infraction). Here is what he had to say about it:

"Hi, Matt,

It's a certain "2000AD style",  with elements of Blade Runner,   Brett Ewins/Brendan McCarthy - at a certain point in their career.  Not sure how if that's what they're looking for now.  Fashions change. Not sure. 

So 2000AD might be a place to try.  The hero could be visually more powerful.  He's freaky, but is he iconic.   I'd say no.  Maybe if you had an extremely  iconic title page of him as a page one , that could help its appeal to 2000AD and if the story could be wrapped inside a certain number of pages.

Outside 2000AD it would be tough to find a book publisher, I fear

Good luck!

Pat "

So we decided to make a new cover (first one was quiet ugly) and a new pag 1, to try to make the thing more "iconic". I'm not hundred percent happy with the page, but at that moment i needed to make a effort to find time for it.

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