Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hole in the earth. Trailer preview

This is the preview of the promotional trailer for the Hole in the earth project. As I said before I'm planning to run a fundraising campaign in Indiego-go to try to raise some money to make this project real.

The video has been made with a mix of drawings -that probably you've seen already on the pages that I've been posting- and some sketches that I made only for this.

I posted the video straight on the blog. At this moment I didn't want to post it on Youtube or similar sites because I still need to change the soundtrack (for this video I used the song "Hole in the earth" by Deftones). So the quality is just good enough to see it in small screen. If you want to see it full screen it's not going to work well (quality isn't good enough )

Enjoy it.

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