Monday, 13 February 2012

Sleeping with Kody Chamberlain

In the last month I've been working slowly, really slowly when I invested some time in a personal project "A hole in the earth". I posted only few drawings and some panels.

At this moment I have almost 4 pages (yeah!) but I don't want to post all of them cos , well , let's say that the script is still coming up meanwhile I'm drawing.

Here is the first page but it is not the final one.

This is the original way that the page had been planned with big jumps between each panel. Probably you can notice even without the dialogues.

I wanted to do only 4 panels per page but meanwhile I was drawing I thought I was going to lose lots of fun, so I decided to be a bit more dynamic and let the story breath. So this page will look a bit different.

Other thing that I've decided is to use halftone patterns instead the grey that I used most of the times .
In the last months I've been kind of addicted to  Kody Chamberlain's blog (where if you like comic books and their creative process you will feel like in heaven)  and work.

I like the way that Chamberlain is using the halftones and I thought it would be just fucking great for this project .He has some halftone patterns for Photoshop on his blog that you can download.

So now, I'm going to check Chamberlain's blog to see if I can get more ideas.

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