Thursday, 13 December 2018


Looking back, I can see now how many projects I had started working on and how even before they even took off I had to put them aside, sometimes due to the lack of interest of the editors (the less of them fortunatly for my ego) and others due my lack of time to keep working on them .

Felling everyday that pass getting close to the dark corners of my days thought it could be a nice idea to bring out to light those old projects on this blog . And I will do so on the upcoming post.

Mirando hacia atras, veo ahora en cuantos proyectos he comenzado ha trabajar y antes siquiera de despegar los he tenido que dejar de lado . Algunas veces por la falta de interes de los editores  ( las que menos , por suerte para mi ego)y otras por la falta de tiempo para trabajar en ellos. 

Sintiéndome cada vez mas cerca de las esquinas oscuras de mi día a día he decidido rescatar esas propuestas inacabadas y que vean aquí  la luz . Y eso es lo que hare en los próximos posts.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Alien design for the new "Z" graphic novel

Still a long way until the new book of "Z" will see the ligth of day , hopefully next year. 

Monday, 4 June 2018


And now you can buy "Z" online straight from the author!!!
You can click the banner on the top an you will be there in no time.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


The miniseries MISSING writted by Royal McGraw is been released on COMIXOLOGY. It was my second series after " The BlackStone Chronicles "  but somehow it really feels like Missing was my first professional work.

Still remember when Royal send me the whole script of the series and I had spend an evening reading it in Waterstones Bookstore  in Greenwich (one of my favourite shops ever in London) , feeling for the first time that I was on the long way to do what I like most, to live ( or survive ) with my drawings. Im still on the way to that place.