Sunday, 5 February 2012

Half sleeping

Few weeks ago i was in bed trying to sleep...sometimes, when i can't sleep i make movies in my head (no, no THAT kind of movies) until i get tired and i felt sleep. That night this image came to my mind.

And it get kind of stuck over there.

For long time ( is been almost 6 months) i been trying to work in something that i really enjoyed...but i came up always trying to create something from zero, thinking about what someone else (mainly publishers ) will like.

I started and give up at least 4 times in this 6 months . Maybe is something wrong with me. Or maybe it was just that i was looking to the wrong side.

In the last two weeks i been thinking , writing and , for the first time in years, planing, about and around the that picture.

And i got the silliest idea ever.

But i like it . I like it a lot

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