Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"A hole in the earth" is a personal project. Im still working in the last issue of "The Blackstone Chronicles" but i decided to start to work in something else.

There is not much of a script yet, but i started to work already in some of the panels. Even if i have hundreds of notes i don't think that if i put them all together they will look like a script. But i know what is going on (more or less)

Im planing to do just 1 panel a day (hard worker, innit?) and there will be only 4 panels per page.

I will draw at the same time that i'm writing or i will write at the same time that i'm drawing.

The same will happen with the characters, i will draw them when i need them to be on "screen"

For example , this to fellas....

I hate to develope characters, i really do.

I needed this two to appear on the 2 panel so i made this quickly to have a reference of them ( the girl is not really important in the script so  i thought it wouldn't be necesary to work to hard on her... When i draw her in the panel i already change the color of his hair)

This fella on the top will be more important on the story so it will have a better and proper development. But anyway, talking about this drawing is days that is better to leave the pencils on the side. I'm not really happy with him.

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