Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Characters Inspiration

 Half of the main characters are the sterothipical bad asses that you can find in any comic or movie. Carne de canyon we call them in Spain. Jail birds, small crocks with more balls than brain if you want.

I 've been always interested in this kind of characters but, and there is always a but there is not easy to find stories with good bad asses. Most of them are working in the same stereotiphical way, they are bad guys, they look like bad guys and they do the thinks that bad guys do. And that's it . I'm going to work with this they-look-like-so-they-must-be stuff aswell but I will try give them a bit more of caracter , make them more real if you want.  

One of my favorites bad asses ever is the main character in Payback, the movie . What I like in him is not how bad-ass-hard-motefucker can be. What I like in the character is his motivation, something that is only valid in his own world and doesn't have any sense out of it. And the dumb side of it.

Lately I been reading the books (or watching the movies base on the books) of Jim Thompson (The killer inside me). So I hope I've already learn something about how the criminal mind works.

I been surfing in the net to  find some real fuckers, to see how they look and to see if i can draw the  kind of look that they have in his eyes, the I-m-fuck-but-I-don't-give-a-shit-becouse-in-my-word-I'm-king look.

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