Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Malice sketches

Yesterday I launched the Indiego-go fundraising campaign to try to raise some money to put together this Hole in the earth project.

So from today I will be posting daily , sketches, thumbnails, I will talk about the script, everything that I can come up that is related with the project.

Probably it will be kind of messy. And in a way it's cool. I'm a messy person and I  want  Hole in the earth to be a messy work. Later I will explain all of this.

I will label every post so in this way even if it's a messy blog, the interested ones will be able to find the way to understand something.

This is a sketch of Malice. Malice will be an important part in the story. She is a veterinary in Smalltown (this name at the moment is just provisional),  a loner by choice and a sex addicted. You can think about her as a Mantis Religiosa.

Hole in the earth will be a story with strong characters, and probably the girls-women of the story will be no less strong characters than the masculine side. 

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