Thursday, 8 March 2012


This will be one of the main characters in " Hole in the earth". Actually,  there is no much supporting roles in this graphic novel. Lets say that , as a whole, this is closer to , for example, Gosford Park , like a coral graphic novel were all the characters have, more or less, the same weight on the script.

"It" ( at the moment I didn't feel the need to find a name for him) is the psycho killer or serial killer on Hole in the earth, or at least , one of them. For this character I choose to get close (close enough to let you think that I don't have any light in my lovely head) to famous fictional psycho killers like Leather Face (I think this is pretty obvious if you take a look to what he is holding).

It will be not the only serial killer in the book, but it will be the only one of this fictional characteristics.

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