Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Panel 1 page 23

Today I ' ve been designing one of the main characters of Hole in the earth, and  this is no other than a ...house.
Yep, a big chunck of the plot happens inside a house. I always been in love with movies (more than in comics ) were the all the action or at least a big part of it happen in a close space. In HITE this house (sorry but no preview of it yet) will be on "screen" around 50% of the total of the graphic novel.

So today I ve been in the Ikea for horror houses, choosing the kind of paper for the walls, the kind of floor, the carpets, the pictures....and placing everything in the right place.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This is panel 3 on page 24 of Hole in the earth.
The other 23 pages aren't finish at all, and most of them I didn't even start to work on them. But most of the times, if the script is done and I got the thumbnails ready I like to jump in between the pages.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Working on the way

This are the preliminary sketches(well, not even that) for the last 4 pages of the first chapter of Hole in the Earth (first 24 pages).

When I'm working for my self, when I write the script, I always work in this way. I like to write (or I did in the past) scripts for other people, but not for myself.

I got 3 o 4 notebooks full of this page diagrams, dialogues and ideas . The funny stuff start when I need to put all this ideas together

For my this s the best (but I don't recommend to do it) way to work, because I like to do this part of the job out of the house, in a bar, coffee place....I've done this ones today , in a park (if you are living in London provably you understand why)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pages 13+14

One page is a sketch one and the other is finished. Guess

Provably this 2 pages will be last ones that i post from the first 24 of Hole in the earth. The idea is to try to push people to contribute on the Indiego-go campaign and get the PDF of the first 24 pages. Lets see if it works.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rough for P 11+12+13

This are the rough for the pages 11-12-13. Is the first time that I,m working in this way and I start to love it. Before I used to do a thumbnails that most of the times, after few hours,  I couldn't even understand , and after realise what all this small lines meant, work straight in the page so most of the times I spend lots of time in panels that didn't work out because  the lack of preparation.

No more.

But even with this I made mistakes, The red color indicates some panels that have a incorrect order and I need to swap.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Nova character sketch

This character Nova , will be one of my favorites in Hole in the earth. I think I say somewhere that the book will be kind of a coral think, with almost all the characters with the same weigh in the script. Nova will not be central but I really want to work with it, more in the script than on the drawing side.

HITE.sketch character

Even when I think that to write this Hole in the earth script I shouldn't need much more documentation about psycho killers , just because in the last months the only think that I been reading were books about this, today, surfing on the net I end up in the FBI page were looks like this nice people can give you some advice if you are writing a scrip that involves the FBI, so i decide to send them an e-mail asking for some little help for my script, to know first hand about the FBI procedures.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Today I ve change the banner in the top of the blog, and I will use this banner to promote the fundraising campaign.

The idea is to change the banner every 15 days or so. I dont want to make people tired of seeing always the same banner

Monday, 19 March 2012

Page 10. HITE

I feel like I need to transfer to my finished pages some of the feeling of this sketches. I like the unfinished looking of them.

As I said yesterday , even when in not the my usual way to work I wanted in all this sketch pages to make clear, not only for myself, with characters are in each panel so I will  work in the faces more tha I should and even, like here, finish them.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Page 9. HITE

I don't use to work in this way. As you can see this a mix of sketch, almost finish pencil and small details in ink. The reason to do it like this is just form promotional use. If I want someone to support the fundraising  campaign for the Hole in the earth project I guess I will need to show something and is no way to do  finish pages in this sort of time.

And anyway, if they see the finish pages...way they are going to support the campaign if they can see the finish work? 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Page 7 .Half way...

Provably from today I will be posting pages like this one, that as you can see is a advance sketch of the page (this one have some minimal finish ink).

At this moment I have the feeling-need to sketch al the pages before start with the inks.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Fallout band

In the last days I been working in a booklet for the Fallout band for their Demo .  I always wanted do something relate with the music and this was pretty cool, so hopefully I will have the chance to do more stuff like this one.

This is the cover and the back.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


This will be one of the main characters in " Hole in the earth". Actually,  there is no much supporting roles in this graphic novel. Lets say that , as a whole, this is closer to , for example, Gosford Park , like a coral graphic novel were all the characters have, more or less, the same weight on the script.

"It" ( at the moment I didn't feel the need to find a name for him) is the psycho killer or serial killer on Hole in the earth, or at least , one of them. For this character I choose to get close (close enough to let you think that I don't have any light in my lovely head) to famous fictional psycho killers like Leather Face (I think this is pretty obvious if you take a look to what he is holding).

It will be not the only serial killer in the book, but it will be the only one of this fictional characteristics.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Characters Inspiration

 Half of the main characters are the sterothipical bad asses that you can find in any comic or movie. Carne de canyon we call them in Spain. Jail birds, small crocks with more balls than brain if you want.

I 've been always interested in this kind of characters but, and there is always a but there is not easy to find stories with good bad asses. Most of them are working in the same stereotiphical way, they are bad guys, they look like bad guys and they do the thinks that bad guys do. And that's it . I'm going to work with this they-look-like-so-they-must-be stuff aswell but I will try give them a bit more of caracter , make them more real if you want.  

One of my favorites bad asses ever is the main character in Payback, the movie . What I like in him is not how bad-ass-hard-motefucker can be. What I like in the character is his motivation, something that is only valid in his own world and doesn't have any sense out of it. And the dumb side of it.

Lately I been reading the books (or watching the movies base on the books) of Jim Thompson (The killer inside me). So I hope I've already learn something about how the criminal mind works.

I been surfing in the net to  find some real fuckers, to see how they look and to see if i can draw the  kind of look that they have in his eyes, the I-m-fuck-but-I-don't-give-a-shit-becouse-in-my-word-I'm-king look.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Malice sketches

Yesterday I launched the Indiego-go fundraising campaign to try to raise some money to put together this Hole in the earth project.

So from today I will be posting daily , sketches, thumbnails, I will talk about the script, everything that I can come up that is related with the project.

Probably it will be kind of messy. And in a way it's cool. I'm a messy person and I  want  Hole in the earth to be a messy work. Later I will explain all of this.

I will label every post so in this way even if it's a messy blog, the interested ones will be able to find the way to understand something.

This is a sketch of Malice. Malice will be an important part in the story. She is a veterinary in Smalltown (this name at the moment is just provisional),  a loner by choice and a sex addicted. You can think about her as a Mantis Religiosa.

Hole in the earth will be a story with strong characters, and probably the girls-women of the story will be no less strong characters than the masculine side. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pag 6. Panel 3. Hole in

Lately, I've joined to some comic book related forums and posted some stuff there. On one of the forums someone told me that I don't give too much room for the eyes of the reader to take a breath. And I think he was right. Probably he didn't mean, like in this panel, to leave the panel without any background but I think at least in this "Hole in the earth" page it will help a bit.