Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Diablo Rojo pitch pages

This are the pages for the pitch of Diablo Rojo that I had done a while ago with the help of Mark Bertolini on the words and Nik J Saw on the lettering.

We send the pitch just to Image and Avatar and , well , we didn't get any answer. I'm not surprise of it, looking now to the pages. Even if I still like the drawings and the idea I think I toke a wrong point of view for the story. Looking at this pages it looks like a silly action flick. And I wanted something else, no just a guy going around beating up the bud guys.

I got like around 30 b/w pages but I think I'm going to chuck them away and start over with the story, with a completely different approach, less focus on the guy with the funny dress and more focus on the story.

Anyway here are the original pages of the pitch.

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