Monday, 9 April 2012

Blackstone Chronicles 4....neverending story

Still working, after one year and a half in the Blackstone Chronicles. The script is coming in a eye drop basis and still I didnt get the last two pages.

I will spend this week and provably next one to try to finish this. I dont want to be in a hurry, cos I know nothing good will come up, but I cant wait to see it over.

To try to speed up for this last issue I will use mostly flat colors. This page isn't finish but I will look pretty much like this. When I started this Black Chronicles I wanted to get a dark vibe a la  Dave Mckean . Now , almost in the end of the line I think I started to find and equilibrium in between the ink and the color. Lately I been checking the work of Daniel Thollin and I think that what I want is a mix of both.

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