Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Blackstone Chronicles covers

At this moment i still working on issue 3 but can already pre-order any of the Blackstone Chronicles issues, even the 4 one, from witch the script still on the way. Crazy, innit?

This is the one for issue 2 and, by the way, my favorite. I really belive that i fuck up a bit the cover thingy. I could do them much better...much, much better.

Issue 3. Pitty i like the idea, but not how it end up. I think the problem is that i'm always in a hurry.

Issue 4. Same problem. I always find the way to fuck up a nice idea, huh?. Or maybe this is just me, i mean, theri is not other way  (for me) to do the thinks, and i will not get better.

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