Monday, 28 July 2014


This is a drawing of Ferran Xalabarder (provably you know who he is if you are a reader of Heavy Metal). I have done this colour test looooooong ago . Is a pity that Ferran couldn't fine the time to work in  the "sequel" of Born In Hell (only in Spanish).

If you are a US publisher , you are wasting the time of your life if you don't ask Ferran to pitch you this (there is not much of a need for a pitch if you see the art work on the pages: from another word).

Old test

Long ago ( I think it was even before I had started to work on D4ve) I had done a test for Quincy Bonobo that didn't worked out. But still, I really like the pages and the character design.

I had done the page pretty quick , so there is lots of things that look awkward  ( guess this is way I didn't get the gig) but the colour palette is one of the things that I like the most.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

D4VE 5 (this is the end , my only friend)

The last issue of D4ve is been on sale for a while now, but I been busy enough to forget completely about my blog and about the good forms.

So if you didn't read it yet you still can for only $99 

Actually , for a little more ( not even $5) you can read the whole series.


I love to copy-paste the posts that Ryan Ferrier creator of D4ve have in his Tumbler page ( hum, instead to copy/paste  I should open my own Tumbler page...if I can find the time)

Are you shittin’ bolts? Day job got you down? Battling a midlife crisis? We’ve got the cure.
1. Get the complete series of D4VE right now, all five issues for less than $5https://www.comixology.com/D4VE/comics-series/12653.
2. Rip this tune while you read them.
3. Party on.


Another Pin-Up this time for Fabian Rangel JR's DOC UNKOW. If you have been reading IMAGE's Five Ghosts I'm sure that you know something about Doc Unknow.

Copy /pasting Ryan ( Ferrier):
If you’re unfamiliar (which you shouldn’t be), DOC UNKNOWN is the crazy-cool hit comic from writer Fabian Rangel Jr. and artist Ryan Cody. Check out the first four issues right here on comixology—I know they’ve got more on the way. It’s very great comics.


This a Pin-up for  Tim Daniel's Unormous . If you don't know nothing about this massive ( and not only for the size) comic book something is wrong with you .