Sunday, 9 June 2013

Diablo Rojo ( Panel)

Colorist Gig

This is my first gig as a colorist and Im enjoing it quiet a lot. Andrew Hartmann on the art and Jimmy Furlong on the script.

I think the second panel is the funnyest panel ever . I had ask Jimmy for the script cos I really wanted to read it. Mental stuff.

This is Jimmy panel description:

4. Wide shot - Six Freddie Mercury’s run across an urban 
battlefield, tight pants, crotches exposed, swinging their 
helicopter dicks - black strips censor out their penises – In 
their midst a troop of regular sized Elvis soldiers clutch their 
ears screaming blood running through their hands and pouring out 
of their noses, mouth and eyes.

TWBD panel

Panel for Tomorrow will be different  , a short story with Jimmy Furlong.
Jimmy toke the risk to let me do the lettering. Is quiet a pain in the ass to do the lettering, let me tell you. I dont think im the man for the job.

Hope next time I will do a better job

The end is always a new begining

Done. Few days back I had finished my work on the miniseries MISSING ( I think the title had change for MISSING PERSONS) with creator Royal McGraw. Is been a long way ( but not as long as I had thought when I first read the script) and I can belive is done.

The covers for MP are the best, color wise , that I had done ever. Here you can see a sample of the cover for the first issue. I will let the pleasure to post the whole cover for Royal .

Now that the art work is done , I can't wait to see what will happen with the series.