Sunday, 12 May 2013

Panel Diablo Rojo


Few days ago I had finished the short story Lurker with Brad Edwars and Brian Level ( that will do the colors on the pages) .And look like everyone was quiet happy with how the pencils and inks looks . Down below you will see a nice example of how, most of the times, a open mind brings the best happy endings.

The first page on this post is the sketch that I had propose to Brad for one of the pages of the story. They didnt quiet like it so Brian crack down a sketch of the page as how they see it. Brian have a nice way to layout the pages ( you can see a nice example of his art on the free reading of "Bullets &teeth" on Challenger comics)

And I was so blow away with what they have done that I decided to use follow Brian sketch with my eyes close.

You tell me how the final page looks like.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

OUTRE , FREE comic book Anthology

Yesterday was the official date for the launch of OUTRE the free on-line magazine (comic book anthology) . You can download it  for FREE .

On it you will find "I, Icarus" a short story with script of Gleen Arseneau and myself on the art.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Character design test

This is a Character design test that I had done for Adam Soanso for his his project "Sentai Face Punch". It didn't fit on what he got in mind but I think that is cool enough to see the light on this blog.