Sunday, 28 April 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013

Englishman Cover

This is a cover that I had done for Mohawk Media for what will be his new series "Englishman". You can read something about it on the Guardian Blog.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Missing 3 done

This is page 19 of the 3th issue of Missing the own created mini series of Royal Mcgraw.

One of the thinks that I'm enjoying more in this work is  the colour process . One of the thinks that I had learn with this work is regarding illumination. Shouldn't say so, because is my work, but some of the pages really look brilliant. With not a heavy work in the render process  and with a simple palette pages looks good.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Diablo Rojo , Panel 1 PAge 1

This is the first panel of the first page of el Diablo Rojo. Still not finish. Im not sure how much I want to render the colors. I dont like to spend much time on rendering de colors , once the color base is done , is quiet boring. And if I think that the line on the pages is quiet thigh it may not need much work on the color.

Still, im not sure. The story of my life, huh?

I, Icarus

This 3  panels belong to I, Icarus ,  a short story together with Gleen Arseneau that will be publish soon in the on-line anthology Outre.

I have only left to do the last page, but I will need to come back to the first pages and fix some stuff in the pages. For this story I had try to break a bit  my line of work.I got the feeling that my line still to rigid I dont think is fluid enough . I had try todo this pages (the line) as fast as I could to see if in this way my work get some life.

LURKER page 5

This panel belongs to LURKER the short story that im drawing for  Brad Edwars and Brian Level ( that , by the way , is a fellow illustrator .You can read for free Playing the Game ,with script of Nicola Jajic on Challenger Comics).

I'm reeeeeeeeeeally happy with how the work is going at the moment. I was quiet scare  this short story because I'm not really good designing and after moving trough the pages monsters. My first try ever was in the short story STINKY (with Fabian Rangel Jr) . But , ate the moment doesnt look bad.