Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This is Hell

This is a character design for a short story "Lurker" in witch I had started to work today. The script had been writed by Brad Edwards and Briand Level. This is only 3td scrip that this guys  created and is just ....mental.

This scrip it will be a real challenge for me  and I know I will cry a river to finish it . But im sure I will  have lots fun in the process.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More Diablo Rojo

Talking about the devil, looks like Mark Bertolini   writer of Scum on the earth  (with Ron Cronenbohrs on th art) and  Breackneck  (you can download  the PDF version of the first issue HERE )will help out with the script +dialogues of Diablo Rojo.

Diablo rojo, first blood

This is color  test that Rob Croonenborghs done for the Diabo Rojo. I has asking to do it because I love the way that he uses the colors. He have a , lets call it freedom in the use of the colors that I really like but that , for a strange reason I can manage to do in my pages.

Unfortunaltlly this freedom of colors and his way to work didn't match with the tight line that im doing for this pages.

Hope I will find a project in the future to work with him.

Missing 3

THis one is the first panel of Missing Issue 3. Just finished today. Still waiting for the OK of Royal McGraw , writer of the book.

Can't wait to start with Issue 4.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Free preview for HITE 1 and 2

You can read the whole HITE issue 1 and see all the unfinished art for issue 2 HERE

I, Icarus

This is the work in progress for the first page for a short story,   I , Icarus for Outre an on-line magazine that soon will the off. Glenn Arseneau  is the writer of the story.