Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Drone for Diablo Rojo

Another brick in the wall

Anther character for the Diablo Rojo project. I'm not happy with the render of this concept. Didn't spend the necessary time on it. I will be back to it as soon as I got the time.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Death is the new black

Second Character for the Diablo Rojo project. Quiet happy with this one.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

El Diablo Rojo

Now. I think I found something that I really want to draw. In the last months I been thinking about a simple project , something funny and quick to do.  I didnt want to find a big story , only something that I fancy to work on.

I think this will be El Diablo Rojo

Missing Issue 2

I had almost the colors for Missing Issue 2. Still waiting for Royal to give me the OK to  the colors.  Im learning quiet a lot with this work. Provably the most important think that I had learn till the moment is to see trougth the eyes of the writer.

I think I had improve a lot in terms of storytelling and job planification and how to move the "camara" (the eye of the viewer) around the page.

TMWBD page 6

THis is page 6 of Tomorrow will be different  a short story that I'm drawing for the British Showcase Anthology with script of Jimmy Furlong.

Quiet happy with the work done till the moment. To work with Jimmy is really good because he give me lots of room for my creativity .