Friday, 25 January 2013

Sky Broadband Competition

Come up with a mundane or hopeless superhero concept, including his or her name and their not-so-super “power”. Share it with the Blogomatic3000 community for a chance to win big! Here’s a few examples spark your imagination:
  • The Incredible Sulk – when he gets angry, he goes to his room and listens to My Chemical Romance on repeat for hours
  • Thaw – has the power of melting ice
  • Ironing Man – who can iron 10 shirts a second!

Please check that your “original” idea hasn’t been done before! The best superhero idea will come to life with an amazing illustration from the very talented Valentin Ramon.
Is getting your hero immortalized not enough for you? We also have another amazing prize lined up for you! You’ve probably seen the adverts for Microsoft’s new tablet on television – looks good doesn’t it? We’ve got one of those swanky new Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablets to give away, courtesy of Sky Broadband.

MIssing, issue 1 page 2

The work on Missing, together with Royal Mcgraw is going pretty well. Issue 1 is already done and im on half way with the second issue.

Im learning quiet a lot working with him, because he have really clear what he want and is pushing me to work harder than I usually do ( I mean, after all this years working with  sketchy thumbnails I had started to draw proper sketches for the pages and is a hugh difference)


I draw this page as a test for Quincy Bonobo that didn't work out. Pity , cos the script was crazy and was quiet enjoyable.

Still I really like this page. I done it fairly quick (the whole thingy toke me less than one working day) but it have the kind of balance that I want to achieve to all my pages

The New Flame