Sunday, 29 September 2013

Harley Quinn

Just finished this page for the Harly Quinn " contest". Been honest, sometimes I don't know why I waste time doing this kind of thinks when I know that, well, Is not going to work out + is not exactly what I want to end up doing.

But what is done is done

And the second panel is just horible.

Monday, 2 September 2013


Read "Lurker" NOWStory and characters by Brad Edwards and Brian Level. Written by Brad Edwards. Art by Valentin Ramon. Colors and letters by Brian Level.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Diablo Rojo ( Panel)

Colorist Gig

This is my first gig as a colorist and Im enjoing it quiet a lot. Andrew Hartmann on the art and Jimmy Furlong on the script.

I think the second panel is the funnyest panel ever . I had ask Jimmy for the script cos I really wanted to read it. Mental stuff.

This is Jimmy panel description:

4. Wide shot - Six Freddie Mercury’s run across an urban 
battlefield, tight pants, crotches exposed, swinging their 
helicopter dicks - black strips censor out their penises – In 
their midst a troop of regular sized Elvis soldiers clutch their 
ears screaming blood running through their hands and pouring out 
of their noses, mouth and eyes.

TWBD panel

Panel for Tomorrow will be different  , a short story with Jimmy Furlong.
Jimmy toke the risk to let me do the lettering. Is quiet a pain in the ass to do the lettering, let me tell you. I dont think im the man for the job.

Hope next time I will do a better job

The end is always a new begining

Done. Few days back I had finished my work on the miniseries MISSING ( I think the title had change for MISSING PERSONS) with creator Royal McGraw. Is been a long way ( but not as long as I had thought when I first read the script) and I can belive is done.

The covers for MP are the best, color wise , that I had done ever. Here you can see a sample of the cover for the first issue. I will let the pleasure to post the whole cover for Royal .

Now that the art work is done , I can't wait to see what will happen with the series.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Panel Diablo Rojo


Few days ago I had finished the short story Lurker with Brad Edwars and Brian Level ( that will do the colors on the pages) .And look like everyone was quiet happy with how the pencils and inks looks . Down below you will see a nice example of how, most of the times, a open mind brings the best happy endings.

The first page on this post is the sketch that I had propose to Brad for one of the pages of the story. They didnt quiet like it so Brian crack down a sketch of the page as how they see it. Brian have a nice way to layout the pages ( you can see a nice example of his art on the free reading of "Bullets &teeth" on Challenger comics)

And I was so blow away with what they have done that I decided to use follow Brian sketch with my eyes close.

You tell me how the final page looks like.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

OUTRE , FREE comic book Anthology

Yesterday was the official date for the launch of OUTRE the free on-line magazine (comic book anthology) . You can download it  for FREE .

On it you will find "I, Icarus" a short story with script of Gleen Arseneau and myself on the art.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Character design test

This is a Character design test that I had done for Adam Soanso for his his project "Sentai Face Punch". It didn't fit on what he got in mind but I think that is cool enough to see the light on this blog.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013

Englishman Cover

This is a cover that I had done for Mohawk Media for what will be his new series "Englishman". You can read something about it on the Guardian Blog.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Missing 3 done

This is page 19 of the 3th issue of Missing the own created mini series of Royal Mcgraw.

One of the thinks that I'm enjoying more in this work is  the colour process . One of the thinks that I had learn with this work is regarding illumination. Shouldn't say so, because is my work, but some of the pages really look brilliant. With not a heavy work in the render process  and with a simple palette pages looks good.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Diablo Rojo , Panel 1 PAge 1

This is the first panel of the first page of el Diablo Rojo. Still not finish. Im not sure how much I want to render the colors. I dont like to spend much time on rendering de colors , once the color base is done , is quiet boring. And if I think that the line on the pages is quiet thigh it may not need much work on the color.

Still, im not sure. The story of my life, huh?

I, Icarus

This 3  panels belong to I, Icarus ,  a short story together with Gleen Arseneau that will be publish soon in the on-line anthology Outre.

I have only left to do the last page, but I will need to come back to the first pages and fix some stuff in the pages. For this story I had try to break a bit  my line of work.I got the feeling that my line still to rigid I dont think is fluid enough . I had try todo this pages (the line) as fast as I could to see if in this way my work get some life.

LURKER page 5

This panel belongs to LURKER the short story that im drawing for  Brad Edwars and Brian Level ( that , by the way , is a fellow illustrator .You can read for free Playing the Game ,with script of Nicola Jajic on Challenger Comics).

I'm reeeeeeeeeeally happy with how the work is going at the moment. I was quiet scare  this short story because I'm not really good designing and after moving trough the pages monsters. My first try ever was in the short story STINKY (with Fabian Rangel Jr) . But , ate the moment doesnt look bad.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This is Hell

This is a character design for a short story "Lurker" in witch I had started to work today. The script had been writed by Brad Edwards and Briand Level. This is only 3td scrip that this guys  created and is just ....mental.

This scrip it will be a real challenge for me  and I know I will cry a river to finish it . But im sure I will  have lots fun in the process.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More Diablo Rojo

Talking about the devil, looks like Mark Bertolini   writer of Scum on the earth  (with Ron Cronenbohrs on th art) and  Breackneck  (you can download  the PDF version of the first issue HERE )will help out with the script +dialogues of Diablo Rojo.

Diablo rojo, first blood

This is color  test that Rob Croonenborghs done for the Diabo Rojo. I has asking to do it because I love the way that he uses the colors. He have a , lets call it freedom in the use of the colors that I really like but that , for a strange reason I can manage to do in my pages.

Unfortunaltlly this freedom of colors and his way to work didn't match with the tight line that im doing for this pages.

Hope I will find a project in the future to work with him.

Missing 3

THis one is the first panel of Missing Issue 3. Just finished today. Still waiting for the OK of Royal McGraw , writer of the book.

Can't wait to start with Issue 4.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Free preview for HITE 1 and 2

You can read the whole HITE issue 1 and see all the unfinished art for issue 2 HERE

I, Icarus

This is the work in progress for the first page for a short story,   I , Icarus for Outre an on-line magazine that soon will the off. Glenn Arseneau  is the writer of the story.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Drone for Diablo Rojo

Another brick in the wall

Anther character for the Diablo Rojo project. I'm not happy with the render of this concept. Didn't spend the necessary time on it. I will be back to it as soon as I got the time.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Death is the new black

Second Character for the Diablo Rojo project. Quiet happy with this one.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

El Diablo Rojo

Now. I think I found something that I really want to draw. In the last months I been thinking about a simple project , something funny and quick to do.  I didnt want to find a big story , only something that I fancy to work on.

I think this will be El Diablo Rojo

Missing Issue 2

I had almost the colors for Missing Issue 2. Still waiting for Royal to give me the OK to  the colors.  Im learning quiet a lot with this work. Provably the most important think that I had learn till the moment is to see trougth the eyes of the writer.

I think I had improve a lot in terms of storytelling and job planification and how to move the "camara" (the eye of the viewer) around the page.

TMWBD page 6

THis is page 6 of Tomorrow will be different  a short story that I'm drawing for the British Showcase Anthology with script of Jimmy Furlong.

Quiet happy with the work done till the moment. To work with Jimmy is really good because he give me lots of room for my creativity .

Friday, 25 January 2013

Sky Broadband Competition

Come up with a mundane or hopeless superhero concept, including his or her name and their not-so-super “power”. Share it with the Blogomatic3000 community for a chance to win big! Here’s a few examples spark your imagination:
  • The Incredible Sulk – when he gets angry, he goes to his room and listens to My Chemical Romance on repeat for hours
  • Thaw – has the power of melting ice
  • Ironing Man – who can iron 10 shirts a second!

Please check that your “original” idea hasn’t been done before! The best superhero idea will come to life with an amazing illustration from the very talented Valentin Ramon.
Is getting your hero immortalized not enough for you? We also have another amazing prize lined up for you! You’ve probably seen the adverts for Microsoft’s new tablet on television – looks good doesn’t it? We’ve got one of those swanky new Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablets to give away, courtesy of Sky Broadband.

MIssing, issue 1 page 2

The work on Missing, together with Royal Mcgraw is going pretty well. Issue 1 is already done and im on half way with the second issue.

Im learning quiet a lot working with him, because he have really clear what he want and is pushing me to work harder than I usually do ( I mean, after all this years working with  sketchy thumbnails I had started to draw proper sketches for the pages and is a hugh difference)


I draw this page as a test for Quincy Bonobo that didn't work out. Pity , cos the script was crazy and was quiet enjoyable.

Still I really like this page. I done it fairly quick (the whole thingy toke me less than one working day) but it have the kind of balance that I want to achieve to all my pages

The New Flame