Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Color Sample

Is Been long time that I didnt have the chance to do something in color. Been working for too long in the Hite  second issue (pencil+ inks) that I had almost forgot how good it feels when you are doing some color stuff.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Read STINKY by Fabian Rangel JR+ Me, Free!!!

Challenger Comics is proud to present a horror double bill from writer Fabian Rangel Jr. This 22-page one-shot, presented in glorious flip-book style, features two original and terrifying tales in the style of Tales From The Crypt.
When The Evil Came brings writer Fabian Rangel Jr. together with Cody Schib (artist) and Adam Metcalfe (colorist):
A woman named Abigail recounts the story of her childhood, of her father and mother’s divorce, and of the the evil that came to their house.
Fabian then teams up with artist Valentin Ramon Menendez for Stinky:
It’s a normal school day for the kid they call Stinky. He’s tormented on the bus, then in the hallways at school, and finally in a restroom. His tormentors are busted and sent to detention. Afterwords they decide to pay Stinky a visit and extract some revenge. But once there they find more than they bargained for.

Read STINKY by Fabian Rangel JR+ Me, Free!!!...on Challenger Comics

Hite issue 2 pag 24 detail

Next year , more....

Last week end I had meet with Steve Waker from Marvel in the Comic Con in Leeds. It wasnt a surprise that he didnt quiet like the Daredevil pages  (that you can check in the Marvel Samples section of this blog) that I brought this year as a samples. What was a surprise was that he really like the pages of Hole in the Earth that I got in my portfolio and even ask me to send him over the PDF version.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Challenger Comics is Alive!!!!!

Ryan Ferrier, with who I had collaborate in a pitch that still going behind the publishers in a dog-bone way,  had lunch Challenger comics , his self-publish imprint.  Take a look on the site, you will find some nice free comics to read online and the store were to buy the superb Tiger Lawyer  or the fantastic Orc Girl.

The 7 diferences

Today I been working in this years Marvel samples . I honestly I don't know why I still smashing my head with the Marvel wall. But looks like I can't avoid it.

The first panel(1) belongs to the Marvel samples that I been working on today . I had done the second one (2)  a couple of months ago ( you can find the page somewere in this blog). Looks like for me , a kick in the face can happen only in one and in the same way...

This year Marvel samples

Fail test

I done this page for a test, a short 8 pages story, that didn't work out. Still, I think the page look pretty cool. I really like the way the colors looks. Hope I had learned something for my next color page.